General information about the port of Calbar
Calabar Port is a port located in Cross River State, Nigeria. It is one of the oldest ports in Nigeria and was established in the 1920s to serve the southeastern part of Nigeria. The port is strategically located at the inlet of the Calabar River, which empties into the Gulf of Guinea. Shipping Agency Calabar provides you with a detailed service regarding the loading and ditching operations you need at all the piers here.
The Port of Calabar acts as an important gateway for international trade and commerce in Nigeria. The containers are equipped with modern facilities for the handling of different types of cargo, including dry bulk, liquid bulk and general cargo. The port is operated by the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) and has a cargo capacity of over 600,000 TEU (twenty feet equivalent units) per year. Shipping Agency Calabar has been serving in this port for about 25 years and provides uninterrupted service to you for all your operational works.

In recent years, the Nigerian government has invested in upgrading and expanding the Port of Calabar to increase its capacity and efficiency. This includes dredging the Calabar canal to allow larger ships to enter the port, the construction of a new container terminal and the installation of modern cargo handling equipment. These improvements have made the Port of Calabar more attractive to international shipping lines and increased its role in promoting trade and economic development in the region, and the port of Calabar is on its way to becoming the main port in the region, with its capacity increasing year by year. Shipping Agency Calabar provides you with an uninterrupted service at any time of the day, along with a perfect service. You can contact Shipping Agency Calabar for any operational work your ship needs.