Benefits not only from having own offices at the main ports but as well from its well trained and experienced staff at main Nigerian ports head-office wherefrom entire agency operations at all Nigeria ports are conducted. Those two facts have to be underlined as the impetus

Shipping Agency Nigeria
Leading to the success of having established the very harmonious ties with local, official authorities and major import/export companies of the country as well as major trade-houses operating worldwide.

The tramp agency operations cover a wide scale of commodity types ranging from grain products to vegoils , from petroleum products to LPG, from cement to coal and all sorts of metals and alloys ..

In 2021 only, we manifested close to 270,000 mt grain and vegetable oils, 420,00 mt lpg, 340,000mt petroleum products, ??? mmt ??? and ??? mt ???.

Shipping agency Nigeria is one of the few most experienced liner agencies in our country. We have been running a break-bulk liner service between Northern Europea (mainly Continent) and Eastern Mediterranean ports including India and China in joint venture. This liner service is performed by vessels owned by Al Bahr and/or chartered-in tonnage. The Nigerian end clientele of this line consists of major iron and steel products producers/buyers of the country. The efficient and trust-worthy service line provided, has significantly helped in developing a portfolio of businesses that has lead us deliver innovative

Shipping Agency Nigeria shipping services to global customers.

Every single liner operation at any Nigerian port is always supervised by at least one port captain from our Lagos head-office. Our port captains as well as our strong team of liner operators are are all experienced in the handling of cargo of all types, shapes and sizes. This know-how enables us to offer a comprehensive liner agency service which includes providing also sales and marketing functions through our network.

The Shipping Agency Nigeria Division:
With their head office based out of Nigeria
Local and regional coverage in Nigeria and throughout the South Africa
Operates with permanent multilingual management, staff and local operational experts,
Offering practical customer oriented operational services,
Working with the principal to establish and execute sales plans for achieving local and global targets,
Securing on time vessel turn around considering berthing windows for weekly services,
Providing reliable reporting,
Whilst ensuring reduced costs,
Supported by an ERP software system approach,
Ensuring highly effective container control,
Temporary customs clearance (TCC),
Digital data transfer to customs authorities,
Transit formalities and documentation services,
With a focus on HSSE and quality standards.

In addition to operational tasks, job description of Ship Agency Nigeria does as well include any husbandry service that may be required for the ship or the crew at any Nigerian ports.

Delivering….Cash to master , ship’s mail , charts and publications…
Organizing…Dry-docking and shipyard calls …
Supplying ….Fresh water, bunkers, lubricants , provisions , bonded stores, technical stores…
Arranging…. Crew change, medical attendance, spare parts clearance/delivery, motor launch, courier,
Ship Agency Nigeria and offers agency services in cooperation.
tug services, garbage and waste oil disposal, surveyor attendance, (aerial) photography … etc …
The ultimate objective is to actualize smoothest turn-around for ships while coordinating the requested husbandry services , ensuring each penny and every second is saved.
For complete and updated guideline and expenses

Please contact with us : agency@shippingagencynigeria.com